2014 babies

Ended the year with 4 babies. 3 huacaya males- Mo, Yankee, and Sheldon. And 1 Suri female- Trillium. Also had our first losses this year, but moms have recovered well.

Mo is the dark male who was born during the Morel mushroom festival. He is out of Abby and Masada.

Yankee is the fawn male who was born on Memorial day. He is out of Gabrielle and Masada.

Sheldon is the brown male, no special day for him, but he’s special in his own way 🙂 He is out of Antigua and Masada.

Trillium is the white and fawn Suri female who was born on the 4th of July. She is out of Lily and Aysen. This is the first baby from Ace and I like what I see so far. Planing on repeating this combo for next year.

I am excited for next years babies already. Mixing things up with 5 studs. 2 are the same Suri boys, but for the huacayas we have 3 new ones. 2 are proven studs, but new for us, and the other is our almost 3 year old Manassa who will show us what he can do:) 2 are black, and a gray one. Using the same studs for the Suri’s but our rose gray Suri Cora is ready this year 🙂 So hoping for some awesome colored crias next year!!!


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