3 down 6 to go- come on babies!


Cora's cria


Abby's cria up front, Cammie's in the back

Cammie started out the spring births, she was 2 weeks early and had a white 21 pound boy. Very happy to have a live birth for her this year, she lost last year’s baby. He was 25 pounds and stillborn so glad this one was early.

Abby was next to go. We were hoping for a gray as she was bred to a gray, but he’s a cute fawn boy with gray genetics. Difficult birth as was upside down with both legs folded back, came out nice and Vigerous. 

  Cora had a beautiful solid med brown girl. So excited everything went well. For a first baby she made it look easy. Again was hoping for gray, but it’s a nice looking girl with a different tone of brown, maybe she’ll change, just need to wait and see. 

    So Now Down To 6 Left.  Hoping to see some more girls 🙂
   Emily is 3 weeks over due. She’s my last hope this year for gray, and she’s making me wait for it. 
    Media is 2 weeks over due. She’s bred to Tupelo- excited to see the result.
    Antigua is due on Wednesday. She’s bred back to Masada. Loved her friendly guy Sheldon last year, hoping for a girl version of Sheldon.
    Gigi is due next week. She is huge as usual. Hoping for an easy birth this year for her. Last year was a breech baby girl who did not make it also excited to see this baby, it will be Manassa’s first cria.
    Lily is due next week also. She’s rebred to Aysen. So far 2 girls for her, hoping she continues that streak.
     Gabby is also due next week. This will be her last baby as she’s 17 years old and we are going to retire her. Hoping for a girl. She’s bred to Tupelo.


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