Another boy.

Gabby had her baby this morning. A little fawn who was up and running quick! He’s a strong little one. Mom is doing well too. Maybe a girl for GiGi? She’s due on Wednesday so maybe we’ll know soon.


Shearing and babies

Busy week on the farm. Shearing was on Wednesday, poor babies were cold when it snowed on Friday. Abby had her baby on Saturday morning. Another boy! Hoping for some girls out of the rest 🙂 He is very cute though. Appears to be dark brown with some white on his face and two white socks on his front legs. Gabby should be any day now, with GiGi and Cammie coming up soon after.

Also found out what has been making Josh sick. During shearing we found an abscess on his shoulder. Couldn’t see that with all the wool. So another round of antibiotics. Karly is learning how to give the IM injections and doing a good job. Ah the life of a farm girl 🙂

Baby watch

On the watch for babies. Abby and Gabby are due in 2 weeks, with GiGi due in 4 weeks. Cammie, Lily and Antigua are due mid June. Hoping to have some warmer weather before we see the new little ones.

May 14th is shearing day, again hope to have warm weather so they can show off their new haircuts without freezing. We have lots of moisture in the ground. A little warm is all we’ll need to see the pastures and hayfields green up. Come on sunshine!!!

In the pictures- Abby and Gabby close to due. And 3 of my favorite Suri girls- Corazon, Primrose, and Tiger Lily. Love those girls 🙂

Fiber felting loom class

Thank you to Nel Vickers at Maplewood Farm for hosting a great fiber class. Judy Petrovish from Fabulous Fibers Alpaca Farm brought her felting loom machine to Northern Michigan to teach us what her machines can do. We learned a lot and had great fun also..I just love the purse I made, and love what this machine can do. Another great use for the versatile alpaca fiber. I came away with a lot of new ideas!

Winter on the farm

It’s been a tough winter do far. Lots of snow and too many below zero temp days. You know it’s cold when an alpaca looks cold! Looking forward to warmer days and spring babies. Should have 6 new cria running around in the spring.

The 4H kids have been working on general alpaca education and fiber crafts during the winter. Too cold to work with the animals. Come spring there will be lots for them to do!

2013 cria

Again not an official name yet, but plan on naming him Chacho’s premier. (Premo) This is the first baby out of our favorite stud Chacho. He is a handsome pinto with white, light fawn and medium fawn fiber. He is staring to get his daddy’s corkscrew locks. He is already acting the stud, and when he stands at attention he stands tall and proud.


Not an official name yet, but we’re calling her primrose (Prim for short) following the Flower theme. Her grandma was Rose, and mom is Tiger Lily. Prim is such a beautiful girl (the only girl out of 5 this year) She is dark fawn and white, with some gray on her face. Not quite sure who her dad is yet. Had some problems breeding Lily last year, she was a little confused her first time breeding. Either Leonidas or Aysen. Will have to wait for DNA tests. Prim is starting to get her mom’s corkscrew locks in her fiber. Tiger Lily is a great mom. Prim is her first baby and she’s taking to motherhood like an old pro. Excited to watch this little girl grow.

2013 Emmet Charlevoix County Fair

Armani and Joshua were big hits at this years fair. This was their first experience at the fair, Armani even celebrated his 2nd birthday at the fair. They both loved all the little hands filled with feed. They competed in showmanship, halter and an obstacle course. The obstacles consisted of dress up, jumps, weaves, a bridge, backup, and a cup of water run. Next year’s goal is to have more kids and animals in our 4H group.