2015 births complete

What a great birthing year! 9 healthy and beautiful cria born. Didn’t get any grays, but lots of other fun and unexpected colors. Can’t wait to see how they grow. 


Meet Yetti out of Cammie and Chacho. Love his beautiful locks. This pair makes some great babies.


Meet Kinross out of Abby and Chops. Was hoping for gray, but he’s a nice looking guy.


Need a name yet for this pretty girl, Out of Gabby and Tupelo.  This is Gabby s last baby as she’s now 17 years old and we feel she needs a break. What a great cria to end with!


Still working on a name for this sweet guy. He’s out of Media and Tupelo. He has such a pretty head, and love his little star.


Meet Frankie out of Emily and Chops. Has been so nice to see Emily as a mom. She’s a great mom and now she doesn’t have to try to steal a baby from the other moms.


Meet Raj out of Antigua and Masada. Didn’t expect black from Antigua, and he’s a beauty, such great crimp in his black fleece.


Meet Flecha out of Cora and Aysen. This is Cora’s first cria and she’s such a good mom. Was so glad to have a girl from her.


Meet Marigold out of Tiger Lily and Aysen. 3rd girl for Lily!!  Must be Aysen ‘ s color this year, may have a hard time telling her from Flecha.


Last, but most definitely not least meet Gigi ‘ s new little guy.This is the first cria from Manassa and How fun is he! He is fawn with black, brown and dark fawn spots, also some white. Will be fun to see how he develops. Can’t wait to see more Manassa babies next year!


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